AlumniEvents.Asia Member Benefits Programme

Are you looking to reach new customers or strengthen your relationship with existing customers?

The AlumniEvents.Asia (AEA) Member Benefits Programme offers businesses a simple, cost-effective way to position and market products and services to a highly sought after target audience — university graduates.

Our program offers cardholders discounts from leading brands to local merchants.

Join today and partner with one of the fastest growing discount programs, AlumniEvents.Asia.


About the Local Merchant Programme

This marketing program drives new customer acquisition, increases your average purchase price, and strengthens customer loyalty simply by providing an ongoing discount to our cardholders.

AlumniEvents.Asia encourages our cardholders to spend at our partner locations by promoting these offers online and offline.

Additionally, we supply you with point-of-purchase materials to display your acceptance of the AEA Member Benefits card, along with educational materials on training your staff to accept the card.


National Brands

Marketing Opportunities

Advertise directly to AlumniEvents.Asia cardholders with our many marketing opportunities. Whether your goal is to promote a new product, drive traffic in store or online, or build brand awareness, AlumniEvents.Asia can effectively communicate your message. In addition to traditional print, e-mail, banner, and button advertising, AlumniEvents.Asia sponsorships include customized, integrated campaigns.



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