Alumni Engage Program

The Alumni Engage Program builds powerful word of mouth for your brand, attracts new customers, drives sustainable revenue and creates upsell opportunities.

Becoming a Merchant Partner with AlumniEvents.Asia allows you to reach our loyal and active member base, who have high disposable incomes and use AlumniEvents.Asia as a guide to select their dining establishments, leisure activities, personal development providers, shopping retailers and travel destinations.

Partnering with this unique program is like having a new, full-time marketing specialist in your office to help you deliver ongoing value to engage your customers.

Our Alumni Partners

We are currently working with over 30 University Alumni Associations, to provide them Secretariat Services, Events Management, Volunteer Management and Sponsorship Development.

We co-brand our Alumni Engage Program with these University Alumni Associations. By themselves, these organisations may not have the critical mass needed to manage a large-scale benefits program. That’s where AlumniEvents.Asia can help. Our team are experienced in Events Management, Customer Service, Loyalty Program Management, Alumni Relations & Engagement and have also led volunteer-based Alumni Associations.

With over 140,000 Australian University Alumni and another 100,000+ from UK, Europe and North America, our potential membership base is huge! Our aim is to establish at least 20,000 members in Singapore by 2023. You will be able to identify our members through the AlumniEvents.Asia Alumni Engage Card.

Why do these benefits matter?

With so many causes, products and advertisements competing for your customers’ money and attention these days, it takes more effort to acquire and engage them. Especially in this economy, customers appreciate and look for real value – a good deal. Yet to be effective, the benefits your customers want can’t be found just anywhere.

Be a Merchant Partner

It is a simple process. All you need to do is offer our Alumni Engage Card members an exclusive offer. Be it a discount, a purchase-with-purchase, buy 1-get-1 free, or anything you are comfortable providing without hurting your profitability. We will provide a basic directory listing on our website showcasing your company, location and the offer (inc any Terms & Conditions). The same listing will also be on our soon-to-be launched Mobile App.

Basic directory listings are FREE.

No upfront marketing cost. No commissions.

With the 
Alumni Engage Program, you’ll create a win-win situation – our alumni save money and you get more engaged customers!

Don’t wait, contact us today :Merchant Partnerships : merchantpartner@AlumniEvents.Asia

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